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I am a futurist and strategist with a diverse background in physical sciences and nonprofit/event management. I rely on my 20+ years of trusted strategic planning and change management expertise across a diverse range of industries. Utilizing my future-focused transformational mindset to include consensus building and analytical evaluation, I design and move projects forward to achieve desirable goals. As a lifelong learner I hold a Masters in Geology and most recently earned the Certified Foresight Practitioner designation. 

I'm a serial "volunteerer" who has served on numerous boards, committees, and advisory groups for local and international non-profits. I have always looked to the future because making changes for the better is one of my personal core values.

In my spare time I enjoy nature, art, travel, and occasionally binge watching a good tv show. I live in Lafayette, LA with my husband, daughter and two dogs.

I would love to learn about you or your organization. Let's create better future(s) together!



My whole is made up of many parts. I like science and have a super analytical brain, yet I also love art, nature, and relying on my intuition. I love thinking ahead to what’s next and planning strategically, but I also appreciate and practice mindfulness and just being in the present moment especially in nature. I'm able to incorporate both ends of this vast spectrum through my Strategic Foresight practice.

Strategic Foresight is more than a set of tools used for discovering, exploring, mapping, and creating better futures. Strategic Foresight is an operating system and a philosophy that can be used for strategy, change management, innovation, and personal development.

For me foresight has become a way of life and a large part of my Joy Forward Strategy. Let's be present, because together we will create the future in the present! 

Formula For Foresight
Research  +  Creativity  +  Data  +  Intuition   =   Strategic Foresight    

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