Memory Lane Hog

Living for yesterday

Your organization is living in the past guided by outdated industrial age thinking that refuses to embrace the complexity and uncertainty of the present and the future. These old ways won't open new doors. In fact, they will prevent new opportunities from being seized.

Uniped On A Unicycle

One foot in the past and present

Your organization has one foot in the past and one in the present. Trying to straddle these two sides of the road at the same time only creates confusion, furthers ambiguity, and leads to riding around in circles never really establishing or accomplishing long-term goals.

Carpe Diemist

Short-term wins are all the rage

Your organization seizes the day, but does not think beyond it. Quick wins trump long-term solutions. such a strategy will allow growth and progress to only advance so far before momentum dies off and has to be restarted with focus on another short-term win.

Tenacious Discoverer

A steep climb into the future

Your organization is making attempts to look beyond the present to longer-term thinking. Endeavors are underway to discover more about the future, but resources for this journey may be scarce making it an uphill climb. The more possibilities discovered the more tenacious efforts to pull towards the future may become.

Diligent Balancer

Walking a fine line

Your organization is balancing both short and long-term planning. Quick wins still feel like a priority. Long-term solutions are given equal weight. Working hard to keep both present and future plans going simultaneously can prove to be taxing on resources of time, money, and people.

Prospective Wayfinder

Seeking direction into the future

Your organization is working hard to find its way into the future by being guided by long-term solutions and not just quick wins. Seeking signals and trends to provide direction and opportunity will create a more clear path into the future.

Farsighted Star Gazer

Looking as far as the eye can see

Your organization is continually looking up and out searching for the best indicators in trends and signals before others can see them. This practice will keep the organization ahead of the competition and allow set milestones to assist in pulling towards the desired future instead of being pushed into the future by circumstances beyond control.

Wise Visonary

Seeing is believing

Your organization is future focused with a clear vision of the future everyone can see. Decisions made each and every day are creating the preferred future. Poised to look ahead for disruptors on the horizon, preparation to pivot and navigate quick changes if and when needed is in the forefront of organizational thinking and planning.