What Does Consultation Look Like?

Conduct An Assessment

Determine where the client stands, what the current capabilities and goals are, and where the vision for the future is leading.

Create Custom Strategies

Strategy development is completely customized to meet the goals of each client using the most effective tools and methods.

Implement The Strategies

Customized implementation to meet the clients needs is executed with a mutually agreed upon timeframe.

Why Strategic Foresight Is So Important


Most resources are spent on immediate needs, problems, or goals. Quick attainable wins are typically top priority. Quick wins will not uncover new opportunities and innovations or build resilience.

We live in a VUCA world. The future doesn't exist yet. We cannot predict the future. We can anticipate the plausible, possible, and even the provocative future(s) so we can create resilient strategiesā€‹ no matter the outcome.

Strategic foresight is not a one time project like a traditional strategic plan. Strategic Foresight provides a suite of customizable tools used to bring new perspectives and transformative change.

Check out page 7 of the Foresight Primer by Kedge & The Futures School to learn more.

How Can Strategic Foresight Help?

Using Strategic Foresight allows people and organizations to be able to:

  • make better decisions today

  • build resilience, adaptability, and opportunity by recognizing emerging patterns and building resilient strategies that can propel organizations beyond their competitors

  • discover new perspectives creating an environment ripe for transformation and collaborative, purposeful operation

  • develop a team of more futuristic thinkers with a mindset geared towards innovation, opportunity, and resilience

Why Work with a Certified Professional?

Trust.  Commitment.  Impact.

Despite its critical importance, Strategic Foresight is not widely known which can make finding a truly knowledgable professional difficult to find.

Strategic Foresight can at first feel like an intangible, academic endeavor. Certification from The Futures School demonstrates a deep understanding of the practical application of the Natural Foresight® framework designed to create concrete results in the areas of strategy, innovation, change, and development. 

A Certified Foresight Practitioner is trained in the foundational ideas and tools of the Natural Foresight® framework, embodies the futurist mindset and understands the value of futures intelligence in his/her respective field. A CFP is able to conduct trend-spotting, horizon scanning and pattern-making that informs future scenarios and impacts business results.

Strategic Foresight Informs Better Decision Making Today


Are you creating the future you really want? Are you allowing circumstances to push you towards an uncertain future without a plan? 

Strategic Foresight is an organizational, social, and personal practice that provides a framework to identify emerging trends and issues, and then uses these insights to map out possible futures to support better decision-making in the present. 

Strategic foresight tools give organizations the power to explore the diverse possibilities of the future, build strong foundations, and manage risk in our complex world to achieve successful outcomes. 

Don’t wait to be pushed into the future by circumstances outside of your control. Learn how to pull the future towards you. Strategic foresight tools guide the discovery and exploration of what is possible, creating a preferred vision and resilient strategies.

Strategic Planning With Foresight To Withstand The Unexpected


Are you boxing yourself in to only one pathway to success? Are you avoiding complexity and change?

Traditional strategic planning boxes organizations in to one pathway to success by only seeing one possible future. Incorporating foresight sets up pathways to success that embraces  change  and makes it possible to seize opportunities for continued success. 

The world has changed and it’s not going back to where it was. The same old SWOT analysis and strategic planning efforts will lead to the same results leaving organizations only having planned for one future that is an extension of the present when there are actually many possibilities and futures on the horizon. Only planning for one leaves organizations with a severe lack of resiliency. Resiliency is absolutely necessary to navigate today's world. Strategies created with foresight provide that resiliency!